Welcome to our all organic, double certified seed potatoes! HIGHLY INQUIRED - NOW OFFERING EATING POTATOES IN SELECT VARIETIES

About Us

Our Farm 

Our family farm is a second generation seed potato farm.  We have grown seed potatoes more than 50 years. My grandparents grew seed potatoes in their homeland of the Netherlands.  My parents emigrated to America to start their own seed potato farm back in 1956.   We started growing organic seed potatoes four years ago, endeavoring to become a more sustainable farm, care for our environment, and help create a healthier food chain from farm to table. 

Our Family 

The members of our family farm consist of Adam, my husband, and myself, Maria, and our 4 children.  We planted, fertilized, weeded and harvested these organic seed potatoes, all working together to provide you with quality organic seed potatoes.

Potato Information/Our Organic Seed Potatoes 

Potatoes can be susceptible to a lot of environmental stresses from fungus to viruses.  This is why it is important for you to buy CLEAN SEED.  By that I mean seed that has gone through the certification processes that guarantee the seed is actually free of diseases and viruses to start with.   You don't want to go through all that hard yet rewarding work and come to find out the seed had virus or fungus within it so it didn't perform like it should have.  So take that concern out of the equation and start out with the highest quality seed you can buy by buying:

Double certified!  These potatoes are certified seed by the North Dakota State Seed Department and certified organic by the MCIA. What does that mean for you?  

In addition to the NOP Certified Organic label, these certified seed potatoes are inspected and tested to ensure that they have a low incidence of tuber-borne diseases, especially potato viruses, and that the variety is correctly identified. Seed potato certification programs focus on screening for viruses and other destructive pathogens. Seed potato certification is regulated in the U.S. at the state level. Rules vary from state to state, but in ND seed potato crops are inspected three times in the field plus a “winter test” is also performed, whereby a sample of harvested tubers are grown, inspected and tested for disease-- the gold standard for certification. Our goal is to provide you with highest quality organic seed potatoes possible!