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Organic Seed Potatoes

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I love your seed potatoes!

I order from all over the U.S and these are the best.  I also appreciate the packaging.  I like them so much that this is my second order for the year, bigger than the first!  I also really   enjoy your promptness in filling orders.    Thanks again.

Denice - ND

Carter Farms came to our rescue after another farm shipped us potatoes infested with fungus.  They understood and shipped the order immediately - even packing it on the weekend to get it to us quickly.  The potatoes were beautiful at harvest.  Nothing more beautiful than the caring customer service we received                            from Carter Farms Organic.                         Great People and Great Product!  

Mark - Minneapolis MN



Dakota Rose Organic Seed Potatoes

Dakota Rose is one of our favorites!  They are just so versatile and a much higher yielder than say a Red Norland. Excellent for those baby reds dug early to grill out on those hot summer days...4th of July! For sure... your friends will ask where you got them.  So yummy baked or mashed, no need for butter! In Midwest...plant 2 weeks before your last frost date to have some ready by July.  More planting instructions above.


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Huckleberry Gold Organic Seed Potatoes

Huckleberry Gold is known for its Low Glycemic Index!  If you know any diabetics that feel they cannot indulge in the comfort food of mashed potatoes anymore... share the good news!  With its wonderful gold flesh and flavor to match, this purple skinned potato is excellent baked whole or sliced with a little olive oil and herbs added.  Mmmmm...   




Mondak Gold Organic Seed Potatoes

Another one of our family's favorites!  A newly developed, specialty variety with a gold flesh that holds a deep rich potato flavor, (similar to or richer than a Yukon Gold) marvelous for making creamy potato soup!  The flavor seeps into the boiling water as the potato chunks breakdown a bit, naturally thickening the soup.  Even better the second day as leftovers! Also makes the best baked seasoned wedges or fries!  




All Blue Organic Seed Potatoes

All Blue has purple skin and flesh loaded with antioxidants and disease-fighting phytonutrients.  Read more here. One ingredient which gives them its brilliant rich purple color is called anthocyanin, similar to blueberry and raspberries. These antioxidants provide free-radical scavengers that so many are looking for...but in a POTATO!  Not to mention you will be so pleasantly surprised with the superb taste of All Blue. 


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Beautiful, Healthy, and Easy

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Potatoes are a very healthy source of vitamin C and provide many health benefits like gut health, high antioxidants and new varieties with low glycemic index. 

Potatoes are easy to grow, especially if you start with good quality seed. Anyone with access to soil can grow them :) 

Potatoes are one of the longest storing vegetable making them extremely cost effective to grow!  Can be stored up to 8 months if stored at 40+ degrees and dark area.  A VERY HEALTHY GOTO COMFORT FOOD for any family! 

Double Certified Organic Seed Potatoes